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Initial Assessment Consultations

These appointments are for new patients. During the initial assessment, our veterinarian will review your dog or cat’s behavioral and medical history, discuss suspected causes of the behavioral issue(s), and review treatment options.

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Training Appointments

These appointments are scheduled with our staff trainer to help you implement our veterinarian’s treatment recommendations following the initial assessment. The goal of these appointments is to enrich your relationship with your pet as well as to help you and your pet develop the skills to address the behavioral concerns.

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Follow-up Consultations

These appointments are for retuning patients. Follow-up consultations are scheduled with our veterinarian to ensure continued progress towards your goals. During these appointments, we will review your dog or cat’s progress as well as remaining areas of concern, and adjust the treatment plan as needed.

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Brief Treatment Adjustments

These telemedicine appointments can be utilized by current clients to make minor adjustments to the medication plan between appointments. These 15 minute appointments take place over phone or video conference with our veterinarian.

Please note these appointments can only be utilized for patients that have been evaluated in-person by Dr. Ballantyne within the past 6 months.

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Teleconsultations for Veterinarians

Dr. Ballantyne offers teleconsultation services for primary care veterinarians. These consultations are most appropriate for patients that cannot meet with Dr. Ballantyne or another board-certified veterinary behaviorist in person.

Teleconsultations can typically be scheduled within 7 days of the request, making this an ideal option for urgent cases.

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