Training Appointments with Insight

Our training techniques are based on the science of how animals learn. We will focus on how to teach your pet desirable behaviors as well as how to manage your pet’s environment to prevent or mitigate unwanted behaviors.

Training appointments are held in your home, at the clinic, or via video conference. These appointments are used to build essential skills to improve your pet’s behavior as well as your relationship. As your pet progresses through treatment, we will introduce techniques to improve your pet’s emotional as well as behavioral response to problem situations or stimuli.

In most cases, training appointments are scheduled every 2-4 weeks until your pet is stable or you have reached your goals.

Cost: $140 for in-clinic or video training appointments (a travel fee may apply for in-home appointments depending on your location).

Most complicated problems are best approached with the support of a team, and behavioral concerns in dogs and cats are no exception. Dr. Ballantyne and our staff trainer Andrew will work together with you to help your pet progress.

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Working with other trainers

Many of our clients and patients are referred to us by their trainers. If you are working with a trainer that referred you to our practice, we encourage you to continue training with them.  During the consultation(s), we will review which exercises and techniques to focus on and with your permission can communicate with your trainer.