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Follow-up consultations

Behavior change is a process. While some problems can be addressed quickly and don’t require additional visits following the initial assessment, many require 2 or more follow-up consultations during the first 6 months of treatment. Follow-up consultations allow us to evaluate your dog or cat’s response to the treatment plan and adjust accordingly for continued progress. Several of our clients return every 6-12 months throughout their pet’s life for ongoing support. We will be able to provide you with an estimate of the expected number of visits once we have a clearer understanding of the problem and your goals following the initial assessment appointment.

Follow-up consultations are led by Dr. Ballantyne and take place at our clinic. For your convenience, some may be conducted over the phone or video conference with our prior approval. Appointments are scheduled for either 60 or 30 minutes. 60 minute follow-up consultations are typically needed early in the course of treatment, when there are multiple issues to address, or when new behavioral issues arise. 30 minute consultations are most appropriate for pets with limited remaining issues or when those that have made significant progress.


  • 60 minute follow-up consultation: $300

  • 30 minute follow-up consultation: $150

Dr. Ballantyne will need to see your pet in-person at least once every 6-12 months for continued behavioral and prescription management. In many cases, management of your pet’s treatment can be transferred back to your primary care veterinarian once your pet is stable.

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