How to prepare for your pet’s initial assessment conultation

Prior to the appointment


Physical examination and blood work

  • Schedule an examination and blood sample collection for a complete blood count, chemistry profile, and T4 with your primary care veterinarian

    • If you pet is terrified and/or aggressive during veterinary visits, skip this step and discuss with us during your Initial Assessment Consultation

Medical records


Gather 2-3 short videos of your pet.

  • At least one video should be of your pet's behavior when they are home, not necessarily performing the problem behavior and including a tour of the environment.

  • For a cats coming in for house soiling, please collect a video or picture of the litter box(es).

  • At least one video of the problem behavior ONLY if you can avoid endangering yourself, your pet, other people or other animals. PLEASE DO NOT put your pet into a provocative situation for the purposes of the video.

  • Depending on the size of the videos, you can attach them to the New Patient Questionnaire or use WeTransfer to email them to

Safety First! Please let us know if you would like your pet to be escorted into the clinic through our back entrance rather than through the main lobby. 

Bring to the appointment

  • Yourself and all primary caretakers living in your household if possible

  • Your pet

  • Your pet’s favorite treats

  • Any equipment you are currently using or have used in the past for training