Trusted Resources

Finding reputable animal behavior information on the internet can be difficult.

We’ve collected a list of behavior-related websites, videos, and books that you can trust for more information.

American College of Veterinary Behaviorists: The internet home for ACVB which includes a Find A Veterinary Behaviorist Directory for pet owners and veterinarians as well as information on how to become a veterinary behaviorist.

Psychology Today’s Decoding Your Pet Blog: A blog written by veterinary behaviorists. It features many rotating “guest bloggers” covering a range of interesting topics. 

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior: The internet home for AVSAB, an organization of veterinary behaviorists, veterinarians, and research scientists. Here you’ll find several position statements on punishment, dominance, and breed specific legislation (to name a few) as well as a directory of AVSAB professionals.

Family Paws Parent Education: This group provides support and resources for families with dogs. You’ll find excellent information on how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby.

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