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Teleconsultations for Veterinarians

Teleconsultations take place directly between Dr. Kelly Ballantyne and the primary care veterinarian attending the patient.

The consultation includes a 10 minute video or phone consultation between Dr. Ballantyne and the attending veterinarian, a 1-2 page written report of Dr. Ballantyne’s recommendations, and 2 weeks of email follow-up between the attending veterinarian and Dr. Ballantyne.

Please note that the primary care veterinarian is responsible for relaying recommendations to the client, prescription of medications, and follow-up care for the patient.

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To set up a teleconsultation for one of your patients, we will need the following information from you, the primary care veterinarian:

  1. The patient’s medical records

  2. 1-3 videos of your patient, including:

    • A tour of the home environment and the patient’s typical behavior at home (i.e. not engaged in the problem behavior)

    • One video of the problem behavior as long as this does not endanger your patient, other people or animals

    • If the patient is a cat whose primary issue is housesoiling, you will need to include pictures and/or videos of the litter boxes and their locations in the household

  3. A completed veterinary teleconsultation history form

Once we receive the completed history form, medical records, and videos, we will send you a link to schedule and pay for your teleconsultation appointment with Dr. Ballantyne.