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Teleconsultations for Veterinarians

Teleconsultations take place directly between Dr. Kelly Ballantyne and the primary care veterinarian attending the patient.

The consultation includes a 10 minute video or phone consultation between Dr. Ballantyne and the attending veterinarian, a 1-2 page written report of Dr. Ballantyne’s recommendations, and 2 weeks of email follow-up between the attending veterinarian and Dr. Ballantyne.

Please note that the primary care veterinarian is responsible for relaying recommendations to the client, prescription of medications, and follow-up care for the patient.

Cost: $150

To set up a teleconsultation for one of your patients, please fill out the veterinary teleconsultation history form and send us your patient’s medical records.

Please include 1-3 videos of your patient, including:

  • A tour of the home environment and the patient’s typical behavior at home (i.e. not engaged in the problem behavior)

  • One video of the problem behavior as long as this does not endanger your patient, other people or animals

Once we receive the completed history form, medical records, and videos, we will send you a link to schedule and pay for your teleconsultation appointment with Dr. Ballantyne.